Saturday, May 16, 2009
satisfy my soul baby, you got to satisfy my soul

finally! some pretty good vibes coming my way, i'm back to school in june! up dharma, up! i swear, its been a massive load off my mind, what with work, the exams and everything else i'm stressing about, my boss allowed me to enroll in migration studies. fame and fortune here i come! plus, the schedules great, 8 am to 2 pm on saturdays so i don't have to pass out from the long hard commute on weekdays; plus i get to have a life after school. and still manage to work on sundays (yes, i work on weekends and holidays).

also, if the universe is still feeling fine and altruistic, i might go to italy for my birthday! (i'll be 25 and i'm theres no way to go but up and away.) I promised myself i'm never taking leaves so i can go on that much delayed trip with my tita. :) and, i might also go to davao with jeffcat in october. i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

this weekend has been a breather. mm, scratch that, more like one drawn out exhalation of relief, really. work's always crazy-hyper, i'm on perpetual overtime (which means i barely sleep or get to do things for myself) but the people are good and i like what i'm doing, i mean hey, some people got it worse than i do. some cash in my pocket, some love from my baby/cat, some good vibing, everything will be alright. watch this space. peace out people, hope the love makes its way to you. :)

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