Wednesday, April 08, 2009
homeward bound

hi ho, i'm at the airport suffocating at the tinderbox, off to davao for the holy week, by this time tomorrow i'll be at the beach i swear. had to rush from work earlier to get my ass to the airport in time only to find out that my flight was cancelled. so i'm here, blogging while waiting for the next one while the world whirls around me.

not complaining, the swirling's nice. up karma, up. in the meantime, listen to this.

Cross the street from your storefront cemetery
Hear me hailing from inside and realize I

I am the conscience clear
In pain or ecstasy
And we were all weaned my dear
Upon the same fatigue

You're staring at the sun
(Oh my own voice cannot save me now)
Standing in the sea
(It's just one more breath and then I go down)

Your mouth is open wide
The lover is inside
And all the tumults done
Collided with the sign
You're staring at the sun
You're standing in the sea
Your body's over me

Note the trees because
The dirt is temporary
More to mine than fact face
Name and monetary

Beat the skins and let the
Loose lips kiss you clean
Quietly pour out like light
Like light, like answering the sun

You're staring at the sun
You're standing in the sea
Your mouth is open wide
You're trying hard to breathe
The water's at your neck
There's lightning in your teeth
Your body's over me

You're staring at the sun
You're standing in the sea

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